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The Smart Beehive combines a set of technologies that work together to address the 
increasingly worrying Colony Collapse Disorder. It is equipped with: 
• Biosensor System for pesticide detection in real time
• Living Conditions Sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure and weight
• Microcomputer to operate the data flow
• GSM module for instant connection
• Remote Controlled Entrance accessible through a smart phone application
• Heating system to address extreme cold conditions
• Solar panels making the system self-sustained
How It Works
During a normal day at the beehive, the data from the Pesticide Detection System 
and the Living Condition Sensors is being logged by the Microcomputer. A general 
report with this information is sent to the beekeeper every 12 hours via the GSM 
If the amount of pesticides in the pollens brought by the worker bees exceeds the 
preset threshold, there are two options:
• The beehive could initiate automatic lockdown or
• The beekeeper is instantly notified on his mobile device and is able to lock 
the beehive remotely

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